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Myhuntbook S.L. (hereinafter referred to as "Myhuntbook") is an online social network which brings people with a common interest, hunting, into contact.

Myhuntbook Users are able to access the social network on the Internet, on their telephones, or with mobile apps. Some features are free of charge, while others are available to the Users for a fee.

Myhuntbook is a Social Network provided by Myhuntbook S.L., for hunters all over the world. Its purpose is to provide them with a digital meeting place where they can share their adventures. Myhuntbook users are able to share photos and videos, and their friends can comment and share their own experiences. Users choose between a public or private profile where they can upload any type of content into a hunt book, completing a technical data sheet about their hunts with data such as the animal species hunted, type of activity, weapon, calibre, location, upload a photo to attach to the sheet, etc. Users may also join groups on the social network and comment on and discuss different topics, which may or may not be on the subject of hunting. Users may create events and publish them on the social network so that other people may participate. Users may also use the messaging service of the social network to communicate with other Users.

We recommend that you take some time to read these terms of use carefully before you take part in Myhuntbook as a User, to ensure that you make responsible use of the site and uphold the quality of the Social Network. By registering, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not register on the Social Network. By registering and using the Social Network, you fully accept the Terms of Use. You declare that you are of legal age and that you have read and accept the Terms of Use of Myhuntbook. You acknowledge that you are fully aware of and accept the provisions of these Terms of Use. Occasionally, special conditions relating to payments must be validated expressly by the User when entering into an agreement.

These Terms of Use are the property of Myhuntbook S.L. They are regularly reviewed by the Legal Affairs Department. Therefore, and given that the following list is provided for information purposes only and is not exhaustive, all dissemination, exploitation, representation, reproduction or use of any part, on any medium, of these terms of use, for any purpose other than personal and not professional use, requires prior authorisation from Myhuntbook S.L. otherwise, Myhuntbook S.L., may take the civil or criminal actions available against offenders.

1 - Definitions

In these Terms of Use, the words or phrases that begin with capital letters will have the following meanings:

Terms of Use, means this agreement.

Myhuntbook is a Social Network for hunting enthusiasts.

Myhuntbook S.L., is the company responsible for Myhuntbook.

Social Network means all Users of Myhuntbook, and its features.

User(s) means a user or a set of users of the Social Network and includes those who access the social network but who are not users.

Paid service(s) means the set of Paid Services to which Users have access.

E-commerce is the system made available to Users for purchasing products and services through Myhuntbook.

Advertising, means all media other than Users through which they receive marketing information.

2 - Access and registration

2.1 Access procedure and terms and entry into force of the agreement

2.1.1. General terms of access

Users are responsible for the cost of all equipment (computer, software, means of communication, etc.) used to access the services and for all communication costs incurred as a result of this use.

2.1.2. Terms of access and free registration

Registration is free of charge. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to register and you must have read and agreed to the Terms of Use, the Cookies policy and the Privacy policy. You must also have completed all the mandatory fields in the registration form, which are the following personal information fields:

- Name

- User

- Password

- Confirm password

- Email address

- Confirm email address

- Private or public profile

- Language

Users are invited to add optional information to their profiles about their gender, date of birth, place of residence, weapons and hunting preferences, and any other personal information they wish to share with other Users, with the exception of personal information (email address, postal address, telephone number, etc.) whose dissemination is strictly prohibited by Myhuntbook. You may edit this information at any time in the “Profile” section. The only information which is always visible is the Name/Username. The privacy settings for all the other information can be set in the “Profile” section and can be classified as public or not by the User.

You vouch that the information you supply is accurate and truthful. You undertake to inform Myhuntbook S.L. immediately of changes to the information that you provide when registering changes and to make the necessary changes to your Profile. Once you have complied with the mandatory registration requirements, you will receive an email (to the address you supplied) and a password, (also provided during the registration process). This information is strictly personal and confidential, and you undertake not to reveal it to anybody or to share it with third parties.

In the absence of error by Myhuntbook S.L. or technical failure of an element of the Social Network, you shall be entirely responsible for your use of identifying features, actions or statements made via your personal User account, whether fraudulent or not. You hold Myhuntbook S.L. harmless of all liability for claims in this regard. Likewise, MyHuntbook S.L. is under no liability to substantiate the identity of persons who register with the Social Network if it lacks the technical means to do so. If you have reason to believe that a person is using your identifying features or your account, you must notify Myhuntbook S.L. immediately.

3 - Use of Services

Once registered, and provided that you have acquired any of the services offered, the Users may access Myhuntbook.

3.1. Obligations of Myhuntbook S.L.

The purpose of MyHuntbook S.L. is not to encourage physical or mental cruelty to animals. Myhuntbook does not offer its users the opportunity to encourage the suffering of any animals, nor does it provide public Internet access or electronic communication services. Therefore, Myhuntbook S.L. is under no legal obligation to verify the identity of users when they connect, nor to control the content, information or statements that they publish. Given that MyHuntbook S.L. is unable to guarantee these services from a technical standpoint, it is under no contractual obligation to verify the identity of users nor the accuracy of the contents that they provide at their own risk and responsibility, nor to moderate this content, with the exception of photographs and text appearing in their presentations.

Myhuntbook S.L. reminds you of the importance of taking precautions before creating groups or events. MyHuntbook S.L. accepts no liability for Users’ groups and events. However, when attending a meeting as a result of an event, we recommend that you tell a friend or relative about the meeting you will be attending. Likewise, MyHuntbook S.L. accepts no liability for the actions of Users or visitors during said events.

3.2. User’s obligations

Before using Myhuntbook all users must accept certain responsibilities.

When using Myhuntbook, you undertake to comply with the law in force and to uphold the rights of third parties and the terms and provisions of these Terms of Use.

3.2.1. General obligations

Generally, as a user, you are bound to:

- Act in good faith regarding the Social Network.

- Respect the intellectual property rights of the contents published on the Social Network.

- Monitor the contents, information or declarations published by other Users, and notify the Social Network of any content, information or declaration which you consider harmful.

- Accept that users are responsible for your own privacy settings and are entirely responsible for notifying the Social Network of personal information whose disclosure you consider harmful.

3.2.2. Conditions precedent

As a user, you are bound by the following conditions precedent:

- You may not use Myhuntbook for professional, commercial, lucrative (advertising, sounding out customers, etc.) or non-private purposes.

- You may not send, publish or disseminate false information or contents.

- You may not make statements that infringe third party rights or which are of a defamatory, injurious, offensive, violent nature or which incite public or racial violence, xenophobia or, in general, statements or contents that are contrary to the purposes of Myhuntbook, the laws and regulations in force, individual rights and good customs. Specifically, photographs and any other information, data or files provided by Users to the Social Network must be appropriate and must show the user only. If they show a third party, it must be with this party's express permission and under the responsibility of the User in question.

- You may not send, publish or disseminate information or contents whose purpose is to damage, disorganise or impede the normal use of Myhuntbook, or interrupt or slow the normal flow of communication among Users, such as software programmes, viruses, bulk email, etc. Myhuntbook S.L. reserves the right to delete bulk email to ensure the normal operation of Myhuntbook.

- You may not send, publish or disseminate, by any means information or contents with links to sites which are illegal or contrary to good morals or against the purposes of Myhuntbook.

- Your username or password must only be used to log into Myhuntbook. You may not, among other actions, communicate, disseminate, share or disclose your user name and password to third parties.

- You may only use Myhuntbook for the purposes described in these Terms of Use.

Failure to comply with these conditions precedent will be considered a serious breach of your obligations as a user. Notwithstanding other measures, should a User breach one of more of these conditions precedent, MyHuntbook S.L. reserves the right to permanently cancel the User’s account. Myhuntbook S.L. also reserves the right to be compensated for all third-party claims resulting from a breach of the above obligations by any of its users.

4 - Privacy and user data protection

4.1. General Information

Myhuntbook applies this privacy policy applies to all its Users’ personal information. MyHuntbook S.L. has several databases deposited with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The technical team at Myhuntbook S.L. also does everything possible to ensure security of the Social Network. Internet security is a complex area and no system can be considered 100% secure. In the event of a security breach, Myhuntbook S.L. will endeavour to act as quickly as possible to resolve the problem. To ensure a higher level of protection of personal data saved in areas that are not under the control of Myhuntbook S.L., we suggest that you use software to protect data transfer networks (such as up-to-date antivirus systems, firewalls and anti-spam filters).

MyHuntbook S.L. gathers, processes and uses your personal information as necessary to use or improve the Social Network with your prior consent and when they have not objected to this, or when necessary or permissible by law or other regulations. Myhuntbook S.L. usually notifies Users and explains why when we collect data. If this is not the case, please notify us. The same applies to cookies, whose use is described in the Cookies’ Policy.

4.2. Times when MyHuntbook S.L. gathers information about Users and our reasons for doing so

MyHuntbook S.L. requires you to provide personal information when you register with MyHuntbook S.L. and on your hunt records. You must provide some of this information to gain access to the Social Network. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk or in some other manner.

The information you enter voluntarily in the profile during registration (for example, date of birth, age, gender, address, town, country, nationality, telephone...) is used for presenting you to the Social Network.

Even if you do not complete your registration, any data in Myhuntbook may be kept on file by Myhuntbook S.L.

If you would like more information about the information gathered about your computer or your device through cookies, please read our Cookies Policy.

4.3 Type of information collected by Myhuntbook S.L.

The personal information that Myhuntbook S.L. gathers about you includes your name, date of birth, age, gender, address, province, town, country, nationality, telephone number...

Part of the information, comments or content (for example, photos, videos, profile) that you provide voluntarily at your own risk and may reveal private aspects such as you religion, sexual orientation, political preference, etc. By providing this optional information and checking the consent box on the registration page, you expressly authorise and accept all liability for the processing of such "sensitive" information by Myhuntbook S.L. or its partners, collaborators, and/or subsidiaries.

We also collect technical data, such as Users’ and other visitors’ web browser and version (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), your operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.), and the IP address of the device used (information that identifies the computer or any other device used to visit the web site).

Finally, the Social Network may use cookies or equivalent technologies to store information which is primarily used to identify users browsing Myhuntbook and to understand how you use the website, mainly in order to improve Myhuntbook and your browsing experience. You, the user, can always prevent the use of cookies by changing your web browser settings. For more information, see the specific cookies policy.

4.4. Persons with access to information about users.

The information collected about the Users by Myhuntbook S.L. is used to operate the Social Network. Every precaution has been taken by Myhuntbook S.L. to store the information in its databases in a secure environment. A small number of Myhuntbook S.L. employees is able to access Users’ information, and only when necessary.

The information included in the Social Network can be accessed, through Myhuntbook, on the Internet. In addition, Myhuntbook S.L. may disseminate such information directly or through its partners, to interested persons, for market research purposes and to create a comprehensive database on users.

Consequently, when you provide your information via the Social Network, you, the User expressly authorise Myhuntbook S.L. to reproduce and disseminate information (personal data, description, images, videos, etc.) throughout the Social Network and in general, by all the means of distribution, in particular, in audio-visual communications (press; radio; analogue, digital, cable and satellite television) or electronic (email, Internet), worldwide, which includes outside the European Union.

Processing of the information by entities other than Myhuntbook S.L. is subject to their own privacy policies. Myhuntbook S.L. may send you promotional offers from its partners, provided that you give explicit informed consent during registration, unless you state while registering that you do not wish to be contacted or later change your mind. If you do not want to receive any offers, you must indicate this when registering. You may also do so at any time by contacting Myhuntbook S.L. by mail.

Occasionally, Myhuntbook S.L. may share general sociodemographic information or information about users’ location with certain partners, which does not include names, in order to enable them to better target their ads (by age group, gender, etc.). In such cases, Myhuntbook S.L. will not send partners any information that identifies users.

For the purposes of data protection law in the European Economic Area ("EEA"), the party responsible for the treatment is Myhuntbook S.L. (postal address: C/ Poniente 9, Urbanización Monte Alina, 28223 de Madrid, Spain).

By providing your information to the Social Network, you expressly authorise Myhuntbook S.L. to transfer the abovementioned information and the benefits of the rights.

4.5. Management of user information

Although only registered users are able to view the data, remember that you are operating in a public space and that you are therefore responsible for your own privacy. Therefore, you may control which of your data other Users are able to see. To do this, go to Profile - Privacy and adjust the settings to decide which items of personal information are public and private.

In addition, there are different options that allow you to control who can view your User profile and whether other Users can see that you are online.

Finally, you can control how many notifications and the kind of information you want to receive from Myhuntbook. Visit Profile - Privacy, where you can specify whether you want to receive notifications when you receive a message or when another User visits your profile. If you terminate your profile, your data will not be erased for seven (7) calendar days, after which time your account will be disabled. You will be able to access your profile again for the next seven (7) days.

You may access or request access to your own personal data in order to change, delete or prevent Myhuntbook S.L. from making use of the data. You may request access to your information by filling in the contact forms. All Users doing so must carefully identify themselves with their personal details.

You may cancel your Profiles at any time by going to Profile - "Edit Profile". There is a "Delete Profile" at the top, with a warning. You may also reject certain uses of your data, in particular its use for advertising purposes.

4.6. Links to other web sites

This privacy policy does not apply to external web sites and Myhuntbook S.L. accepts no liability for privacy policies adopted by these web sites. By including links to other web sites, Myhuntbook S.L. does not recommend that you use such sites and it offers no guarantees with regard to their content or the services and products offered and sold on those sites.

5 - Intellectual property

All trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts appearing in the Social Network are the property of Myhuntbook S.L. and may not be reproduced, used or represented without its express permission.

5.1. Content disseminated by Myhuntbook S.L.

The rights of use granted to users by Myhuntbook S.L. are limited to private and personal use during your membership of the Social Network. Any other use made by the user is prohibited without prior authorisation from Myhuntbook S.L.

Users must not modify, copy, reproduce, download, disseminate, transmit, commercially exploit and/or distribute any content from the Social Network, (pages, photographs, commercial texts, computer codes…) in any way.

5.2. Contents disseminated by users

Users grant Myhuntbook S.L. a user’s license over the intellectual property rights of the contents provided by the user when using the Social Network. This license includes, specifically, the Myhuntbook S.L.'s right to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, scan, use or assign Users’ contents (information, images, description, etc.) on all or part of the Social Network and, generally, all means of electronic communication (e-mail, SMS, MMS, WAP, Internet) used in connection with the Social Network.

You expressly authorise MyHuntbook S.L.to modify the aforementioned contents in order to respect the graphic identity of the Social Network and/or to make them compatible with their technical features or with media formats involved. These are worldwide rights and, while they are in force, the Conditions of Use agreed to by the user and Myhuntbook S.L. prohibits the user from copying, reproducing or otherwise using content that makes reference to other users outside of strict needs for the use on the Social Network for personal and private purposes.

6 - Liability and guarantee

6.1. Operation of the Social Network

To use the Social Network, you must have a computer and the necessary software programs and the settings for its proper operation. The social network works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

You must have the knowledge, materials and software needed to use the Internet or, if applicable, Internet services, and you acknowledge that the characteristics and the limitations of the Internet do not make it possible to ensure the security, availability or integrity of data transmissions over the Internet.

Myhuntbook S.L. does not guarantee that you will be able to use the Social Network with a pop-up blocker, in which case you may need to disable this feature before using the Services.

Myhuntbook S.L. does not guarantee that the Social Network can be used if your Internet access provider is unable to provide its services correctly. Likewise, the use of smartphones applications purchased by users directly through the application vendor presupposes that the user has a smartphone and a working internet connection.

Myhuntbook S.L. accepts no liability for malfunction, inability to access or a poor user experience caused to an inadequate equipment, internal errors of the User’s internet access provider, network overload or to any other aspect outside the control of Myhuntbook S.L., which will be considered as a situation of force majeure under Spanish law.

The functioning of the Social Network may be interrupted momentarily to perform maintenance, update it or to make technical improvements, or to modify the content and/or layout. As far as possible, users will be given advance warning of maintenance and upgrades.

6.2. Information and contents provided by the Users

6.2.1. Information provided by users must be accurate and real. Users are entirely liable for the consequences of disclosing their own or other users’ personal information. Users publish data, texts, contents and images of themselves at their own initiative. Therefore, you waive your right to bring claims against Myhuntbook S.L. on grounds of infringement of your image rights, honour, reputation or the intimacy of your private life, caused by the dissemination or disclosure of information about your person under the conditions laid down in the present conditions of use, and in particular in the section "Privacy and protection of User Data", if the user has previously, voluntarily and explicitly authorised such disclosure by registering with the site under these terms of use.

6.2.2. Myhuntbook S.L. accepts no liability for the accuracy or inaccuracy of information and contents provided by other users, by visitors or by you, nor for the consequences that may ensue. Likewise, Myhuntbook S.L. shall not be held responsible for any content published by users that contravenes the rights of one or more users or third parties when Myhuntbook S.L. can show that it was not informed by a user or other third party and that it had no prior knowledge of the existence of such content and that is has not breached its contractual obligations.

Myhuntbook S.L.’s liability in the sense addressed in this section may only be disputed if there is irrefutable proof that there has been fault on its part and that the breach has caused a real, direct harm to the user. Myhuntbook S.L. will accept no liability for direct or indirect harm suffered by the users if they are the originators or if such damages are derived from a situation of force majeure.

6.2.3. Myhuntbook S.L. requires you uphold certain ethical standards in terms of your expression and behaviour, and that you respect the rights of third parties and comply with the laws and regulations. As part of this quality requirement and individual responsibility and ethical requirement, Myhuntbook S.L. expects all Users to report all information (photos, text, videos), behaviour or statements of other users which, in their opinion, infringes the applicable laws and regulations, is contrary to the image or the purpose of the Social Network, the rights of third parties and/or against moral rights.

Users therefore recognise and agree that the information that they provide, and their behaviour and statements in the framework of the Social Network, may be reported by other Users and be subject to moderation or control by Myhuntbook S.L., in accordance with objective criteria. If the complaint or control procedure reveals an infringement of the laws and regulations binding upon Users or breach of the contractual obligations, the provisions of these Terms of Use may be applied. Based on the User’s behaviour or statements, the supervisory team may take the decision to block any new registrations.

6.2.4. If an investigation finds that Myhuntbook S.L. is liable due to a User’s breach of the law or these Terms of Use, the latter undertakes to indemnify Myhuntbook S.L. for any claims in connection with such a breach.

6.3. Links

Myhuntbook S.L. accepts no liability for links pointing to sources or third party sites it may include and over which it does not exercise any control (third-party websites or mobile apps, social networks, etc.).

All problems caused by links must be reported to the administrator or to the webmaster of the website to which the link points. You are also reminded that your use of these external sources and links is governed by their own terms of use.

If the result of a search performed in a link or external source leads the User to sites, pages or forums whose ownership and/or content constitute a violation of the law, you are asked to leave the site to protect your liability and to exonerate Myhuntbook S.L.

7 - Cancellation

You may cancel your registration by asking Myhuntbook S.L. to close your account using the contact section provided for the purpose or by using the means described in this section, without needing to give a reason. This request will be taken as submitted on the business day following receipt of the request to close the account in question by Myhuntbook S.L.

Notwithstanding the other provisions of these terms of use, in the event of a serious breach by a user, Myhuntbook S.L. may cancel the user’s account immediately and without notice. Such cancellation has the same effect as cancellation by the user. Likewise, Myhuntbook S.L. may cancel and ban any user who does not strictly comply with any of the conditions precedent of these conditions of use.

Notwithstanding the other provisions of these Terms of Use, if you breach these terms and do not rectify the situation after you have been sent an email requiring you to comply with the Terms of Use, Myhuntbook S.L. will cancel your account 7 (seven) days after sending the email.

This account will be cancelled as of right, notwithstanding damages which may be claimed from the User by Myhuntbook S.L., its successors or legal representatives, in compensation for damages incurred by Myhuntbook S.L.

You will be notified of the cancellation or confirmation of the cancellation of your account by email. Your information will be destroyed at your request or on expiry of the legal term after cancellation of the account.

8 - Agreement between the User and Myhuntbook S.L.

These Terms of Use constitute a contract which governs the relations between you, the User, and Myhuntbook S.L. which overrides and replaces any other earlier provisions which have not been expressly referenced or annexed and constitute all the rights and obligations of Myhuntbook S.L. and the User in relation with its purpose.

If one or more provisions of these terms of use are declared null and void by application of a law or regulation, or as a result of a final judgement of a competent court, the other provisions will remain in force to the extent permitted. Additionally, the fact that one of the parties does not bring legal action in relation to breach of any provision of these Terms of Use committed by the other party does not constitute a waiver of the right to bring a future legal action in connection with such a breach.

9 - Modifications to the Service or to the Terms of the Contract

Myhuntbook S.L. may modify the conditions of use at any time. Users will be informed of the nature of these changes as soon as they are applied. Changes will take effect on the day after they are made. In the case of users who register subsequent to the publication online of the modifications, these will become applicable immediately, since they will have been expressly accepted when they became Users.

10 - Applicable law and competent courts

These Terms of Use shall be governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with Spanish law and the Member State which is the User’s main place of residence, and the result of harmonised European regulations that govern distance selling services. The language in which the agreement will be interpreted will be Spanish.

In the event of a dispute over the meaning of any the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use, please contact Myhuntbook S.L. by sending a letter to C/ Poniente 9, Urbanization Monte Alina, 28223 Madrid, Spain, or complete the contact form, specifying your personal identification data.

11 - Myhuntbook S.L.

Myhuntbook S.L. is a Spanish limited company, with equity capital of 3000 euros, registered in the Companies’ Registry of Madrid, represented by Luis Miguel Pérez-Ullivarri González and Celia Silva Botas (email: info@myhuntbook.net).